We broke up. I would like to thank you for this 1 month that were together. You made me happy: with you, I found back a piece of me that I lost because of my career. Words couldn’t describe how thankful I am to be able to enjoy joyful moments as a young 24 year old with you. Even though it was short , I’m glad I could experience it as a progress of growing up into an adult. I would remember that night where we watched “Notting Hill”. I would remember the night when we sang and laughed in the car when it was raining outside: You even ran out to feel the rain. I would remember the dinners that we went to and even though it was super awkward at first… I still remember the funny jokes we made about burgers or fries . I would remember the times we both opened up and I got to know you much better . You gave me a short period of courage and laughter to make me be myself and showed me a time where nothing else matters but just myself; what I like and what matters. You are such a kind and caring person in nature. The way you would give assurances to a person in ways you didn’t even know you did. We were both careful but it’s those lines you said at times that show you are a reliable person. I supposed the day we met as strangers, we both knew we had different lives to live and we just happened to know one another at a corresponding point. But I’m glad we met. Or as you said “what happens happen, no regrets”. Regardless, thank you for everything and being so nurturing; it’s all I ever needed as motivation all this while. I guess your courage and faith inspired me somehow. I wish you all the best going back to school. Have a good semester and many good nights out with your friends. You have your whole life ahead of you. So many doors and opportunities and experiences and new people for you to unlock, to learn, so do I. Just live well. Take care 🤍