Pachi fun! It seems that I can return safely after the public recording is over πŸš… Today was a boobs recording with Airi Shimizu of H cup and Mizuho Uchida of G cup ❀ I promised to go out for dinner with two people ❀ Happy to come ❀ I’m sorry I couldn’t respond in time 😒 But I’m glad that you came ❀ Thank you ❀ And thanks to everyone’s cooperation, I was able to get on the scheduled Shinkansen ✨ When can I go to Osaka next time? [email protected] Loana_roppongi’s @yujiyamane, who is always indebted to me, gave me a beautiful color, treatment, and bangs cut. Luni … ❀ Thank you very much for listening to the difficult task of being on location two weeks later 😭 Thank you again ❀ #hair #hairstyle #haircolor #haircut #hairstylist #Roppongi # tokyo #Thank you