Actually, I’m seriously fasting since yesterday! !! After three days of intensive fasting, turn three meals for three days into fermented plant drinks! !! 🍷 It seems that you can rest your digestive system and clean your body with this, along with dieting ❤ Remove alcohol from 5/1 of the preparation period, 5/2 Not to drink, of course, as a preparation food #Fast Prepare for fasting with Promir’s risotto. 5/3 Fasting started yesterday! !! It’s the first time I haven’t eaten anything in a day and it’s painful, but the enzyme of herbzyme instead of rice is delicious and I’m looking forward to it! !! ❤ It’s already fallen about 2 kilometers! !! 😤 ✨ I’ll do my best until 5/5 ✨ When it’s over, I’ll be back for about 2 days! By the way, when I consulted about dieting, Mr. Loco Lehua, an esthetic salon in Shinjuku, taught me about fasting in detail and got a fasting set here 😚 If you are interested, please go if you are interested 💓 I’m going to lose the temptation, so I’ll report it to Instagram and declare it to everyone! !! ❤ #Enzyme #Fasting #Fast Pro #Herbalzyme #Herbalzyme 113 Grand Pro #Fastpromeal #fastpromeal #Locolehua #locolehua #Shinjuku #diet