The fasting period has ended-❀ The result is -2 kg in 3 days! !! 😀 I love to eat, and I was able to achieve it πŸ’• I’m hungry, and only when I’m so happy, I see something delicious on TV, and my friends are eating delicious food …! It’s hard to be more sensitive than usual, why am I the only one? !! I ended up with that! !! But I think I was able to achieve it because the herbzyme (enzyme) was delicious πŸ·πŸ’• I’m going to use this herbzyme every 3 days! !! It’s delicious so I’m looking forward to every meal πŸ’“ After that, live a regular life … 😊 πŸ’“ It feels like your body has been reset once! I feel that my skin has become smooth and smooth …! It’s scary just to think about how bad my life was for my body … lol 🀣 Regular life! Is really important! Lol Of course I also like alcohol so I think I’ll continue to drink, but I’d like to do something like eating together and taking care of the day after drinking 😚 I still need a diet, so I’m going to take this as a period Let’s improve from the body little by little πŸ˜šπŸ’“ Thank you to Mr. Loco Lehua of the beauty salon who cooperated this time ❀ If you are interested in fasting, please go to ❀ Be kind and consult You can do it, and you can get a complete set of fasting sets here.