Thank you for today’s pachinko fun! Public recording πŸ’“ Too kind! !! Notch and a lot of yes we can! πŸ—½ ✨ Today at the store that I am always indebted to πŸ’“ Many people came to see me and the staff were surprised 😱 πŸ’“ As expected, Mr. Notch! And thank you to my fans πŸ’“ I’m glad I could go to the countryside and meet you πŸ’“ Thank you for your hard work πŸ’“ Today’s pachinko with Notch fun! OA is Sun TV every Saturday 24: 30-8 / It’s 4.11.18! !! πŸ’‹ By all means! !! 😊 #TV #Kansai #Notch #Pachi fun #Pachinko #Slot