Yesterday, I went to a liquor store Kakuuchi Fes in Ueno with the editor of a liquor-loving magazine who was indebted to me. On the spot 🍢 I drank so much when I noticed πŸ₯΄ ・ Fukubijin ・ Seikyo ・ Ryuriki Yamada Nishiki’s mom However, it’s kind of refreshing ・ Yaku is refreshing and delicious ・ Yo-chan squid βœ–οΈŽ Spring ιΆ― 囀 Mysterious and Yo-chan squid All of them were delicious, but yesterday’s No. 1 was the sake that Gorohachi was aged for 28 years.It was mellow and palatable, and the fragrance was condensed and shocking πŸ’“ Next time I went to a liquor store Katsuuchi festival in Ueno with the editor of a liquor magazine that I was taking care of. I pour the sake into the cute little girl and pour it on the spot I noticed that I drunk like this. Everything was delicious, but the number one yesterday was sake that let Gorohachi sleep for 28 years. It was mellow and mouth-watering, and the fragrance was so condensed that it was shocking. Next time I want to go to the corner of a liquor store 🍢 #Sake shop #Sake shop Kakuuchi #Sake #sake #Ueno #Sake shop Kakuuchi festival #Sake stagram #Sake lover