#This is this #Because it was before Bra Day shooting, I went to the beauty salon 💇‍♀️ I had an extension because the hair was cut so much that it was shortened I’m sure that tomorrow’s shooting will be perfect for the cuts and treatments ✨ @risel_kazu-san, thank you very much 😊 I also really like the heavy cuts ✨ , go to the beauty salon. The hair cut was so great and shortened that I used an extension, but the hair was revived and stretched out so I took the extension. Colors, cuts, and treatments will surely be perfect for tomorrow’s shoot. @ risel_kazu Thank you very much Heavy cut is also a favorite … .. ~ ~ ~ Tomo mule schedule ~ ~ ~ .. 2/14 Abema appearance 2/15 Public recording 2/20 Niigata visit 12: 00-17: 00 King of slot 2/17 Tokai visit 14: 00-19: 00 Marion Garden 1300 Kuwana store 2/21 Visit 2/22 ~ 3/1 Photo exhibition 25th close 24th. 3/1 is a photo exhibition talk event limited to 45 people each day (related to shooting and exhibited works, etc.), lottery Meeting (with prizes), handing over commemorative benefits https://www.tokyoartsgallery.com/single-post/tomomimorisaki-event … #gravu re #tokyo # 맞팔 #tagsforlikes #YouTube #YouTuber #Tokyo #Erostagram #model #sexy #Sexy #Japanesegirl #Sake Stargram