The hair wrapping method taught by the hairdresser went well 💓 ✨ Today I went to the Tamasaburo Itoigawa store in Niigata ❄️ Thank you to everyone who came to see me 💓 Hokuriku Tomo mule, store staff, everyone really All the good people are warm 💓 Hokuto Musou is also in great shape! I always choose Mamiya during the illusion, but today the white legs explode 🦵🦵🦵 After all it’s Mamiya 💓 Thank you again today 😊 Drink on the Shinkansen as usual 💓 This is delicious! Today was Niigata, so I had sake from Niigata … Puha 💓 Kikusui is only from Niigata, so the sweetness of the rice explodes! But Sun! It’s refreshing and clear to the body ✨ It’s a sake that is made because rice and water are delicious … 🤔 #Sake lover #Kikusui #Niigata #Hokuto Musou #Phantom fight rush #Mamiya #White legs The hair curling method taught at Today to the Tamaburo Itoigawa store in Niigata 💓 Thank you all for coming to visit Homochi’s Friend mule, all the staff of the store, everyone is really good and honest 💓 Hokuto Musou is also in great shape! I always select Mamiya during the fantasy fight, but today the white legs explode-after all it is Mamiya- Thank you again today … / Subscribe to the channel and comment Thank you ❤️❤️ ❤️ .. .. ~ ~ ~ Tomo mule plan ~ ~ ~ .. .. 2/16 TV Asahi Sunday Premium 2020/02/16 9: 00-11: 05 Drama special “General affairs employee, Takaga main water 4” appearance 2/17 Tokai visit 14: 00-19: 00 Marion Garden 1300 Kuwana store 2/21 visit 2/22 ~ 3/1 Photo exhibition 25th close 24th. 3/1 is a photo exhibition talk event limited to 45 people each day (related to shooting and exhibited works, etc.), lottery (with prizes), commemorative privilege delivery -event … #This is this #Instagravure #Gravure #Curling #like #gravure #tokyo #Erotic ass #Erotic #ootd #style #sexybody #instagravure # 맞팔 #tagsforlikes #YouTub e #YouTuber #model #sexy #sexy #Japanesegirl #sake stagram