Yesterday, Ebisu Muscats Live “Winter Graduation Ceremony-I’ll tell you, we all love mascots SP-” Those who came, those who watched live, those who couldn’t come but supported us Thank you πŸ™‡ First of all, the 6 members who have been leading the mascots so far, thank you very much ✨. I came in as a 2nd gen member with 2 people, so by that time the 2nd generation Ebisu mascats Is done. Since I entered a little later, I have seen a lot of everyone’s backs. Kamishio-san who always takes notes and organizes when practicing dance 🐨 It’s a little emotionally unstable, but it’s more delicate than anyone else and it’s very interesting to eat bitter gourd Hanami-chan πŸ₯’ ← Since there is no bitter gourd pictogram Su-bu-chan, who is always at the center of the excitement of the dressing room of the mascots πŸ•Ί MC seems to be able to do anything, but he is making a lot of effort behind the scenes πŸ‘© 🏻 Everyone who has a choice of words that are indispensable for the Muscats program πŸ’™. I’m sad no matter who is missing, and I couldn’t think that these 6 people would disappear in the future mascots, but I want to support everyone’s dreams! I haven’t had that much communication, but I know everyone was thinking a lot about mascots. I thought I had to be like that too. Thank you very much to the 6 people who have worked hard as mascots with 100% power! I want to say 😌 And please make the people you meet with their attractive personalities happy and your self-confidence happy in the future πŸ’“ Congratulations on your graduation. πŸŽ“. #Ebisu Muscats