This time, I, Yua Mikami, will be producing an apparel brand! !! Brand account 💘 @yours_yuamikami. I’ve been working little by little since last year, but I’m really happy to announce it to everyone 😭💓. It’s still a dream to be able to produce my favorite clothes. .. The brand name has been decided to be “YOUR’S”, which is also a nickname for my fans 🧸 It’s an important word that I have a lot of love for 💓. I hope I can make a lot of clothes that people can wear ❤ī¸Ž. I hope you will watch over “YOUR’S” from now on 🙇‍♂ī¸. Release is from 2019 S / S and reservations are scheduled to start by the end of this month 🐰🔑 For fun đŸ’Ģ .. #yours #Yua Mikami