#May this be better than EXMAX. I went to a YouTube meeting 💓 I’m in an environment where I can challenge various things, there are staff who cooperate, and all the mules are there to accept me in any way. I really appreciate everything. I’ll do everything if I do it!💓 I am in the environment that can challenge that it is the 💓 color color that went to make arrangements of YouTube. There is the cooperating staff. The fan whom any I catches . I am really thankful for all. I do it thoroughly if I do it! Please see support 💓 youtube from a story;・ Please comment 🙇‍♀️ #YouTube “Satomi Morisaki Channel” Every Friday at 19:00 Thank you for your channel registration and comment. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCXaXV66poAIXDR9lEFEGYlw .. ~ ~ ~ Tomo mule schedule ~ ~ ~ … March. 25.26. 27th Bicycle race official YouTube live 26th 23: 00-24: 30 27th 23: 00-24: 30 28th Hanamaru photo session http: / /hanamaru-photo.com/schedule/3366.html 4/11 Visit Harley magazine “VIBES” released 4/15 Visit 4/23 DVD “Indecent” release decision 4/24 Visit 4/25 Visit 4/27 Visit 4/29 Visit 4 / 5/1 Kenkoba’s Bakobako TV OA … photo #sexybody #love #sexyhot #instagravure # 맞팔 #tagsforlikes #YouTube #YouTuber #Tokyo #DRostagram #model #sexy #Sexy #Japanesegirl #Sake Stargram