Apparel brand “YOUR’S” that I produce Pop-up store has been decided! !! Place ❤︎ Laforet Harajuku Period ❤︎ 3/9 ~ 3/18 It’s like a dream to open your own shop in Laforet Harajuku 🐰❤︎ Of course you can buy the products that you have been using so far There are many unisex products so men should definitely come visit us 🙌💓 I’m glad if you come ✨ And I will also hold my visit event 🥰 3/9 On the first day of the pop-up shop Those who purchased YOUR’S clothes We will hold a meeting ✨ For more information, please see @ yours_yuamikami’s post ❤︎ I would be happy if I could meet people who I can’t usually meet! Girls, boys and couples all come to see me ~ 🥺💓💓 #yours #apparel brand #Laforet Harajuku #fashion