❤️ BIG NEWS ❤️ This time, a collaboration between women’s apparel brand Swankiss and YOUR’S has been decided 💓 Pre-order start on Swankiss special site! Postcard gift with autograph as a pre-order privilege (3 types available, 1 at random) * Products will be shipped sequentially from the beginning of February. ◆ Over-the-counter sales will be on sale at Swankiss Shibuya109 store on Saturday, February 1st, Nagoya store PARCO and Fukuoka Tenjin core store on Saturday, February 8th! In addition, February 8 (Sat) Shibuya109 store February 22 (Sat) Tenjin Core store February 23 (Sun) Nagoya Parco store Yua Mikami visit event 💕 Event details Will be announced at a later date ♡ ⚠️ Please note that we do not distribute event tickets for pre-orders on the web. #swankiss #yours