Report 4/30 EXMAX! Release event Canceled due to state of emergency. 5 / 3.4 Platonic Dirty Talk Release Event Postponed due to state of emergency. I’m really sorry that I was looking forward to seeing the mule. I’m sorry for those who were looking forward to it. In addition, we will be able to hold it in some way, so please do it at that time 🙇‍♀️[7 days until release]4/30 Concept visual book “Platonic Dirty Talk” release The release event has been postponed, but everyone can overcome it Yeah. Please at home time 💓[Release event]5/15 Net autograph session[Online sale]Bromide will be included when you purchase ✨ … .. Fan Salon “Playroom” We only mutter, sexy videos, live stream, voice stream 💓 Only here muttering, sexy videos, live streaming, voice streaming, we are doing 💓 … ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Tomo mule schedule ♥♥♥♥♥♥ … 4/24 Live bicycle race broadcast (day, night) Godtan CM appearance! Tokai TV drama “The best obahan”. 4/25 Session Hanamaru photo session. 4/27 26:35 ~ MX Tokyo OA “Kira ✖︎ Buzz”. 4/29 Tokai visit 11: 00 ~ EURO Kuwana store 15: 20 ~ Kuwana City, Aichi Prefecture Usual shop. 5/8 visit. 5/9 live broadcast. 5/15 Platonic Dirty Talk Net signing session 5/16 Photo session . 5/23 Hanamaru Session Photo Session. 5/30 Hanamaru Photo Session (Tokyo) .. .. #This is this #Instagravure #instalove #follow #Gravure #style #photo #sexybody #love #sexyhot #instagravure # 맞팔 #tagsforlikes #YouTube #YouTuber #Tokyo #Erostagram #model #sexy #Japanesegirl